Meet the Founder

I’m a Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager with an educational background in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Instrumentation and professional¬† background in Software Engineering. I’m currently employed for Alphabet Inc (Google LLC) and have had several start-up endeavors including NitricGen Inc, and Vidmaker Inc.

I enjoy and seek to solve interesting problems with no limit to the area of expertise. I’ve designed circuits and software for medical devices and in fact built one from ground up (NitricGen, Inc.). I designed the electrical and software for a device called the PowerPole (in conjunction with CXC skiing) and once in a while tinker with PC Applications, and simple Android/IPhone apps as well. I also have interest in Web Development, specifically NodeJS, Javascript, HTML5, WebGL, and WebAudio (Vidmaker, Inc.). If asked, I’d say Java, Perl, Python and C/C++ are my forte and enjoy using open source tools including KICAD, GCC, VIM and anything LINUX.

I have numerous hobbies, but I must say all of them revolve around nature, building, or creating things. On the nature side, I’m an avid runner, and enjoy downhill skiing, cross country skiing, windsurfing, sailing, road biking, mountain biking, and kayaking. On the building and creating side, I have a small wood working / electrical shop for building, remodeling and tinkering but also love arduinos and atmel microcontrollers.